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Excelsior English School

Excelsior English School was founded in 1992. The concept that governs the school is ‘excellent in quality , small in size’. The norms of schooling have undergone a sea change and we are at a point of time when new strategies and ideas need to be worked out to make learning and teaching interesting for the students. Children’s interests and mindsets have changed. Technology now plays a major role in education. AI and Internet has revolutionised the world and more so our youth. It is time to eliminate  age old methods of teaching and learning as the teachers role is now of a facilitator and tools of learning have shifted to experimental learning and virtual classrooms.

We at Excelsior always remain updated on the current trends in education. One guiding factor that we are proud of is the concept of limited numbers in classes which facilitates maximum student teacher interaction. Student’s priorities have shifted and we need to plan our strategies accordingly. We are able to maintain discipline with gentleness. A strong bonding with the student is an added advantage with small classrooms. I am sure a student who goes out after completing schooling with us will be emotionally mature and value driven with good moral values. We need a generation of such citizens to carry our country onward.

The mantra we try to instill in our students is there is no substitute for hardwork. Pursue excellence and success will chase you. Dream big,align your passion and purpose in life with a goal. If you focus on your goals you will overcome all obstacles.Aim at always being the best. It is very important to be positive and optimistic in life. Have self confidence and believe in your potential.

The concept of schooling has undergone a paradigm shift in the past 3 decades. When we started Excelsior More
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We have been witnessing amazing changes in the educational sector in the past two decades. More
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News & Events

MARCH 2024


The annual exhibition by our Fashion Studies students was a resounding success. It showcased the creative blend of expression in our students in the field of fashion.
Our students’ dedication and creativity were evident in the meticulous planning and execution of each exhibit. The exhibition featured an array of captivating displays, including student-designed crafts and art and trend-setting accessories.


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Roll of Honour


Excelsior secured excellent results this year too. 68 students appeared in this batch for SSCE.

 Excelsior English School has secured 100% pass. 

18 Students scored above 90%. 42 Students scored above 75% 8 students scored 1st division.


48 students appeared for the SSE 2023-’24.

 15 Students scored above 90%  19 Students above 75% and remaining above 60 %.

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INCREDIBLE INDIA  - Prep I & Prep II Activity Day

PREP -I and PREP -II Activity Day themed “Incredible India” was a vibrant and educational event designed to introduce young learners to the rich culture, heritage, and diversity of India. The event aimed to foster curiosity, creativity, and a sense of appreciation for India’s traditions among the little ones.
Children dressed up in traditional Indian attire such as sarees, kurta pajamas, and turbans.The “Incredible India”themed Activity Day was a memorable event that celebrated India’s cultural tapestry through engaging performances, artistic displays, musical renditions.

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SCHOOL ASSEMBLY   – Thanksgiving assembly by Grade VII A

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Assembly by Grade 1 – Celebration of Women’s day

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A year long training in different activities culminated yesterday with an excellent show of skills on stage.
Skill development is an important facet in today’s education. Along with textbook knowledge one must be honed in some skill outside the textbook.
The students choose the extracurricular activity of their choice. The activity mentors train the students right through the year.
The various activities are dance, zumba, chess, roller skating, karate, yoga, abacus, basketball & digital painting. Each activity has its own specific skills that students need to inculcate. Dance helps to build confidence & eye, hand & leg coordination. Chess prepares one for decision making, problem solving, strategic planning & risk management.
Each activity finetunes specific skills & students learn and master these skills.

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The Science department of Excelsior English School celebrated National Science Day on 26 to 28 February 2024. The theme this year was Indigenous technologies for viksit Bharat.
Science exhibition, SCISCAPE was organised for grades I to IV on Monday,26 February and for grades V to VIII on Tuesday, 27 February 2014. The exhibition was inaugurated by School Director Mr N J Mathew and was addressed by Principal Ms.Shirin Chandy.The exhibits were open for parents and students between 10 am and 12 noon.
Ball Mill for crushing heavy metals like aluminium , Oxy hydrogen generator to produce energy from water, Taser gun that helps police to capture the suspect and the kinetic wheel were some remarkable exhibits. The highlight of the event was ‘Dress up like a Scientist ‘ contest for grades 1 to VIII. It was great way to encourage curiosity and learning about different fields of science.


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