Excelsior English School

Our Mission & Vision

Our Mission

We are committed to creating an effective, learner-friendly, whole child school system that will build confident, independent, lifelong learners with high moral values, life skills and global vision through a healthy partnership of learners, teachers and parents

Our Vision

Excellent in quality; Small in size

If the experience of “doing school” destroys children’s spirit to learn, their sense of wonder, their curiosity about the world and their willingness to care for the human condition, have we succeeded as educators, no matter how well our students do in standardized tests?” Steven Wolk

The adage small is beautiful subsumes efficiency and excellence. The management of Excelsior English School is guided by a dream this vision inspires. Our school is designed as a single division school from Preparatory 1 to Sr. Secondary classes by ensuring all advantages a small school can give its stakeholders in terms of quality and performance.

Research has shown that small schools lead to greater student academic gains and personal adjustment. The average student in large schools hardly gets chances to meaningfully engage in participatory classroom learning or sporting and cultural activities. The larger the school; the smaller the student participation. The chance of ensuring that no child is left behind is comparatively greater in small schools.
It has been established by research studies that students in small high schools perform better academically, have higher attendance rates, feel safer, experience fewer behavior problems and participate more frequently in extracurricular activities.

Excelsior English School shall have a learner-friendly ambience where teachers and students feel connected with closer individual attention. We would like to foster a culture of greater engagement in studies and co-curricular activities. Teachers are able to sit around a table in a culture of shared decision making. This will further ensure differentiated teaching by taking into account varied ability levels of all students in the class.

Happy and effective schooling are core values we would like to promote in the school at all levels. Our school mission statement also has been formulated according to this vision.