Excelsior English School


Excelsior English school is located on the west side of Kottayam town. Set in a four acre pristine unadulterated surroundings away from the rush and noise of the town it provides excellent physical facilities to the students.The single floor classrooms are airy and well ventilated.There is ample play area where students can pursue sporting activities of their choice.Physical and intellectual activities together make   learning  an enjoyable experience in the campus.

Library & Reading

We have a well equipped Library with an impressive collection of books .We try to inculcate the reading habit at an early age and regular and compulsory reading of library books from Class V onwards. We believe that more than functional literacy, children must cultivate reading for information and if possible develop a love of reading.

School Labs

Hands on learning is being promoted more and more. Learning by doing is the new norm. With a variety of subjects offered in the Senior Secondary we have state of the art labs in Physics, Chemistry, Biology, IP, Computer Science, Fashion Studies, Home Science and Mathematics.

Interactive Classrooms

Keeping pace with globalization and current technology ,we have 7 smart classrooms which empowers the youth to step in with the latest anytime anywhere access to quality study support.It provides an engaging ,child centric teaching learning environment in the classroom.


Conveyance is arranged for students and teachers to reach school hassle free and safe. We offer transportation facilities that cover a radius of almost 20 kms from school.


Recreation is as important to learning as classrooms. The school has extensive playgrounds for the students with a 200 mtr track, Foot ball field, Basket Ball court, Volley Ball court, Shutttle court etc.

There is separate play area for little kids.


A small cafeteria an integral part of school where students chill out during breaks and satiate their hunger and thirst with a variety of healthy home cooked food and beverages.