Excelsior English School


Co-curricular and Extra–curricular activities are an integral part of the curriculum aimed at bringing about a holistic development of the child. The educational activities planned brings out the hidden inherent talents in students and help them acquire new skills.

It keeps the students physically and mentally active and encourages them to enhance their creativity, critical thinking, organizational and leadership skills, team work, communication and collaboration skills, problem solving and decision making skills.

They get opportunities to explore, have fun, improve their soft skills and take responsibility for their actions.

The school offers the following Co-curricular and Extra -curricular activities:

Basket Ball Coaching

As games and sports play an important role in building the physical and mental development in students, we have basket ball coaching at school four days a week in the evening for students who wish to learn the game. Our coach is Mr Ajthith Thomas . We have a basketball team for boys and girls that compete in the CBSE and Sahodaya tournaments

Swimming Coaching

Swimming coaching is arranged every year at KGS. Majority of our students are good swimmers.


Yoga classes are part of the extra Curricular activities as it is ideal to improve concentration and is good for physical and mental health. Ms Sainaba Satish conducts yoga classes every week for students of Class IX & X.

Break Dance

Break Dance training is done by Mr. Kuiren K Joseph who is a well known professional in the field.

Instrumental Music

Instrumental Music training on the key board is given by Mr. Shafeeq M


Chess an activity that sharpens and enhances mental skills is taught by Mr. Mathew P Joseph. Nihal Sarin, Asian Junior Chess champion and old student of our school is his protégé. IX & X.

Light Music

Sanjay M U who is a well known musician trains the students in Eastern light music.


Mr. Philip E Vis our drama teacher. He is a professional in the field and carries out regular drama classes for students every week.

Painting & Drawing

Mr. Albert Joseph our art teacher coaches students in painting and drawing.

Digital Painting

Mr. Vishnu s Nair is a proficient person digital painting artist. As most students are tech savvy it has many takers. We also have participated and won many prizes in various digital painting competitions.


Karate Training in Martial arts is given by Mr. Sebastian A G who is a Black Belt in Kaarate.

Craft and Art

Art classes are handled by Ms Susan Philip who trains students in various craft and art activities.