Excelsior English School

Staff Synergy

In an educational scenario synergy means more than working together. It is a combination of common interests, common values and complimentary talents. It is this definition of synergy that we exploit at Excelsior.

Our team of dedicated teachers are encouraged to communicate, share ideas and initiatives and use technology to the maximum. We were witness to this during the online learning programme when our educators converted to this mode with ease. They learnt and adapted to the new system without any problem and with great enthusiasm.So collective performances are excellent. It is important to achieve and sustain positive energy to accelerate good performance.

Excelsior offers a wide variety of subjects at the Senior Secondary level. So we have qualified and accomplished teachers to handle all these subjects. Each department works under an HOD who coordinates the department activities on a weekly basis. So there is a sense of belonging and responsibility in each Department.

Educators are constantly upgraded with training sessions and workshops organized in house and out, that builds collaboration and co-creation. It enhances diversity and focus through various brainstorming sessions within the concerned department. It generates better solution to problems.

Synergy is indeed the new buzzword and we at Excelsior use it to estimate our ability and build on an environment of trust. So this diversity of educators allows full scope for expansion of ideas and use it to our advantage.