Excelsior English School

Enrichment Programmes

Excelsior invests in a number of activities to help up skill student learning. Career guidance programmes, leadership training, personality development, subject enrichment activities, talks by subject experts, cross cultural activities are some of the programmes that take place in school.

Home Economics

Promoting the well- being of an individual-- that's Home Economics. This subject helps the society to develop human progress for it comprises major ideas on food, clothing, home and family. At Excelsior we train students in the art of Home Economics. Depending on the age of the child they are trained in personal hygiene, social skills, financial planning, home décor, culinary art and first aid.

The idea behind this project is to promote life skills in the children to prepare them for life beyond school.

Health & Physical Education

Health and Physical education is concerned with total health of the learner and the community. Besides physical health, it includes mental and emotional health of the learners. Health is often a state of physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual well being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. The aim of Health and Physical Education is to enable the students to attain an optimum state of health, by incorporating each of the aforementioned aspects. In this respect, it is a truism to say that the practice of healthy living will serve as the foundation for physical education. It is envisaged that any effort to promote aesthetic values at the school level will include a natural esteem for physical well- being.

The main parameters are to develop awareness regarding the importance of physical fitness in individual and social life including the life skills, to bring the overall awareness of values with regard to personal health and fitness and to inculcate among students the desired habits and attitudes towards health to raise their health status.


Social Empowerment through Work Education and Health
SEWA is all about social and community service

SEWA takes learning beyond the walls of the class room and some times even beyond the boundaries of the school, building bridges with the authentic and real world in meaningful and positive ways.
SEWA aims to develop a person in their intellectual, personal, social, emotional and social growth. Learners engaged in this programme are expected to be life long learners and through experiential learning, develop as active citizens and caring and compassionate humans .The experiential and constructive modes of learning emphasize the immediate personal experience of the learners and view learning as a process. The students are engaged in numerous projects inside and outside school.

On Awakening Trail

A lunch hour short video show has been effectively integrated into the daily school routine. The programme is designed to energize students’ social and moral sensibilities and individual and social responsibilities. It induces students to reflect on socio-political, sience and technological issues, personality development, life skills, current affairs that shape our world. The videos are sourced from reputed digital sites and adapted to school level viewing with captions and commentaries.

Annual Events

Education is the holistic development of physical, social, emotional, mental and spiritual well- being of a child. Academics, co-curriculars and extra curriculars combine together to mould the child. Several annual events take place across the year that involve students to integrate learning with their application skills. SMILE, Sports, Melange, Jamboree and Inter school Debate are some of these events.

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Art Integrated Learning (AIL)

Art Integrated learning is a cross curricular pedagogical approach aimed at creating a joyful learning environment and learning competancy based.

It involves a joyful and creative pedagogy where different art forms (Visual,Performing art forms etc.) are used across subjects for class room transaction to generate a lot of thinking, reasoning,exploring, investigating for a better understanding of the concept / topic/ subject through meaningful expression.

AIL gives the students an opportunity to know and appreciate the vast cultural heritage and diversity of our country.

Art Integrated learning promotes and empowers the students with the competencies to understand, analyse, evaluate, interpret and innovate various real life situations that they require to face in the world beyond their textbooks homes, classrooms.

Student Council

Excelsior believes in a highly democratic process while constituting the school student council. The team consists of 43 student members and 3 faculty mentors. They receive an orientation as they start their tenure. They are also sent on leadership training programmes. They play an integral role during all school events. They are part of the school community service, maintaining discipline on campus, collaboration between student community and school faculty.

Community Service

Charity begins at home. Values initiated in the foundational ages will go a long way in moulding a child’s character. At Excelsior we practice various charity programmes. Oru Kai OruPothi is a monthly project where one meal is distributed to the patients at Medical college hospital and District hospital Kottayam - an initiative by Mr. P. U Thomas of which we are a part. Old clothes and medicines are distributed annually to the orphanage Ashraya charitable Trust, Kottayam. We also help out in cash and kind to our support staff and in the neighbouring community. As and when the need arises the students and staff help out according to the need.


The Annual sports is conducted once a year. Four houses come together for a healthy competition in various track and field events and games. The matches are conducted through the year and the house with the maximum points lifts the Excelsior trophy for sports and games.

House System at Excelsior

The students are divided into four Houses called ARIEL(green), CALYPSO(red), PROMETHEUS(orange) and TITAN(blue). Each student is allocated to one house at the time of enrollment. The Houses provide for a healthy competition with one another in sports, cultural events, youth festivals and academics thus providing a focus for group achievement. A closer rapport between House mentors, students and teachers gives the students a sense of pride in a secure and supportive environment.

Radio Excelsior

Radio Excelsior was launched in 2016 as an initiative of the former Principal Dr. Monsi George. The main idea behind this was to encourage our students to be aware of the happenings around the globe. We initiated this venture to promote an interest in incidents and situations as global citizens.

The news comes alive with the signature tone of Radio Excelsior at 10.50 am daily. Students are tuned to the main headlines and the news of the day. International, National , Regional, Sports, Weather, Science are areas covered every day. Radio Excelsior also included sessions like Titbits of the day, New entry into vocabulary, Current affairs question for the day to arouse and enhance the interest of students in such matters.

The newscasters are students from grades V and above. Being a newsreader is a matter of pride to the students and it reflects their spirit and enthusiasm.

Radio Excelsior plays a key role in events like the School elections, sports and Inter school competitions. It is an integral part of our daily curriculum.