Excelsior English School

March 2024


The annual exhibition by our Fashion Studies students was a resounding success. It showcased the creative blend of expression in our students in the field of fashion.
Our students’ dedication and creativity were evident in the meticulous planning and execution of each exhibit. The exhibition featured an array of captivating displays, including student-designed crafts and art and trend-setting accessories.


The students celebrated Activity Day themed “Incredible India” . It was a vibrant and educational event designed to introduce young learners to the rich culture, heritage, and diversity of India. The event aimed to foster curiosity, creativity, and a sense of appreciation for India’s traditions among the little ones.
Children dressed up in traditional Indian attire such as sarees, kurta pajamas, and turbans. The “Incredible India “themed Activity Day was a memorable event that celebrated India’s cultural tapestry through engaging performances, artistic displays, musical renditions.

Micro skills Awards for Prep I to Gr IV ( Term II ) were distributed on 19 March 2024.
These awards are to encourage soft skills in the students.

We are planning to start a pre KG section called Balavatika for preschoolers. Parent orientation for Balvatika took place on 9th March

Students of Grade 8 A and B created short video films based on their own scripts, as part of Skills development class. (Introduction to cinema unit). Teams came up with their own concepts and script; shot and edited the videos themselves. These videos explore a range of subjects including sports and the pandemic lockdown, and they have been able to inject humour, and satire to their productions.

The School Year-end Examinations for grades 5-8 & CBSE Board Exams for grades 10&12 were conducted effectively.

The academic year 2023-’24 has come to an end. The school closes on April 4 for the summer vacation .

Shirin Chandy

February 2024

LEADERSHIP RETREAT PROGRAMME – Excelsior English School Director Er. N. J. Mathew & Registrar Mr. Jinoy Kallukalam attended a “LEADERSHIP RETREAT” Programme held at Amrithapuri Campus, Vallikavu, organized by Central Sahodaya Kottayam & Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham


On 8th February 2024, Grade 3B hosted a special assembly to commemorate the National Day of Sri Lanka.

On Feb 9th 2024 Grade 7 B conducted an assembly urging everyone to embrace fountain pens and stop the use of plastic ones as part of an initiative for sustainability. Encouraging eco-friendly habits, they highlighted the environmental benefits of reducing plastic waste.

SCHOOL ASSEMBLY GRADE VI-A  TOPIC :LIFE SKILLS – Life skills are abilities that help promote mental well-being and competence in young people as they face the realities of life. Life skills teach us how to make our lives easier and simpler, how to live a positive life, and how to spend our time wisely. Life skills are an important component of school education.

ACHIEVEMENT – Our student Niya Ann Abraham Grade X secured First   position in (under 16 girls category) the State Mountain Cycling Championship held at Kaliyar estate, Thodupuzha. She has been selected to the Kerala team for Nationals, which will be held at Haryana.

LIVE WEBCAST – Live webcast on modalities for the conduct of Board Exams 2024 was screened for the senior teachers.

FIELD TRIP – The children of Prep I, Prep II & Grade I were taken to an enriching field trip to the Children’s Library and Park. The purpose of this outing was to introduce the young learners to the joys of reading, storytelling, outdoor play, fostering their cognitive, social and physical development. It was a day filled with learning and fun. Students of grades 3&4 also visited the library.

INNOVATION DAY EXHIBITION – Innovation Day is commemorated on February 16 to recognize the role that new knowledge plays in making a country more advanced and powerful. The main idea behind this day is to appreciate the efforts of those inventors who are bringing innovation and change in the field of science and technology. The Innovation Club of Excelsior English School celebrated the day by hosting an exhibition. Students explained their models to visitors demonstrating their humongous contribution to society.

VISIT TO POOR BOYS HOME -Students  of Excelsior English School from classes 5 to 8 visited the Poor Boys Home near Kanjikuzhi,  Kottayam. This home provides shelter and support to orphaned children aged 10 – 17 years. The interaction between the students of Excelsior and the children at the Poor Boys Home optimized the spirit of solidarity and empathy. Through this exchange the students not only provided tangible support but also fostered a sense of inclusivity and compassion within the community.

INTERNATIONAL MOTHER LANGUAGE DAY – International Mother language Day ‘Loka Bhasha Samanvayam ‘was observed in Excelsior English School. Students from Prep I to Gr IV performed songs, stories , speeches & poems in several global languages. There was also a detailed narration of number names in nine languages. Language Quiz by the Principal Ms. Shirin Chandy was the highlight of the day. Students were also taught a Kannada song by Ms. Seema.

SCHOOL ASSEMBLY – The assembly was conducted by Grade 6B themed Education. The class tried to reiterate that education must help us to transform from mirrors to windows. Education is about strength of mind, intellect expanded and character formed.

Children talked about famous personalities in the field of education and interesting facts on schools from all over the world. The girls danced to the song Aashayein from the movie Iqbal to encourage the desires in their heart to bloom as absolutely nothing is impossible. 


The Science department of Excelsior English School celebrated National Science Day from 26 to 28 February 2024. The theme this year was ‘Indigenous technologies for Viksit Bharat.

Science exhibition, SCISCAPE was organised for grades I to IV on Monday,26 February and for grades V to VIII on Tuesday, 27 February 2014. The exhibition was inaugurated by School Director Mr N J Mathew and was addressed by Principal Ms.Shirin Chandy.The exhibits were open for parents and students between 10 am and 12 noon.

Ball Mill for crushing heavy metals like aluminium , Oxy hydrogen generator to produce energy from water, Taser gun that helps police capture the suspect and the kinetic wheel were some remarkable exhibits. The highlight of the event was ‘Dress up like a Scientist ‘ contest for grades 1 to VIII.It was a great way to encourage curiosity and learning about different fields of science.


A year long training in different activities culminated yesterday with an excellent show of skills on stage.

Skill development is an important facet in today’s education. Along with textbook knowledge one must be honed in some skill outside the textbook.

The students choose the extracurricular activity of their choice. The activity mentors train the students right through the year.

The various activities are dance, zumba, chess, roller skating, karate, yoga, abacus, basketball & digital painting. Each activity has its own specific skills that students need to inculcate. Dance helps to build confidence & eye, hand & leg coordination. Chess prepares one for decision making, problem solving, strategic planning & risk management.

Each activity fine tunes specific skills & students learn and master these skills.

Students of grades X and XII have started their respective SSE & SSCE 2023-’24 examinations.



School reopened on January 3, 2024. The CBSE Model Practicals were conducted for the students of Grade XII followed by the Board Practicals for the academic year 2023-’24. It was conducted under the supervision of external examiners arranged by the Board.

The Mathematics department hosted the Mathematics exhibition where students brought live models, static ones & also an assembly was conducted by grade XI on Jan 29 on Maths & its utility in everyday life.

A team of young people from Honda Motorcycles visited the school to spread general awareness on Road Safety Education to the students of grades III – VIII.

On the occasion of 75th Republic Day, the National Flag was hoisted at school by the school Director, Er. N. J. Mathew.

Celebrating Youth Day to commemorate the birth anniversary of Swami Vivekananda, the school conducted several programmes like elocution, skit & presentations about Swami Vivekananda.

Students of grades V-XI watched the live session of the Pariksha Pe Charcha programme organised by the Central Government of India. They also participated in the Pariksha Pe Charcha painting competition arranged by the Ministry of Education at Kendriya Vidyalaya, Kottayam.

Series of revision exams were conducted for students of grades X & XII to make them ready for the upcoming Board exams. Hall tickets will be distributed next week.

Excelsior hosted a workshop on the Role of Performing Arts in Holistic Education under the Central Sahodaya Conclave banner in association with Furtados School of Music. Four eminent resource persons conducted the one day workshop which was highly informative & impactful.

The Annual Sports Day was inaugurated by Ms.Rakhi Zachariah (Arm Wresting Champion). The school flag was hoisted & pledge taken. Several sporting events took place. The students exhibited good team spirit & healthy competition.

The school conducted a medical camp for its educators to help them with necessary awareness of their health.


Shirin Chandy


The PA 4, Cyclic 3 and Revision exams for grades X, XI & XII respectively were conducted and results announced for grade XII.

A field trip was arranged for the students of Grades I & IV to  Kottayam West post office ( Karapuzha) on 14 December 2023.They were briefed on the various facilities available in a post office by the post master. They also had a discussion on the functioning of the postal system.

“Tinsels and Tides” ( 8/12/2023),

Our special Christmas programme designed exclusively for Prep I &II , immersed our tiny tots in the joyous spirit of Christmas through a delightful blend of festive activities and heart warming performances. They set in place the Christmas spirit for the month.

Grade 6 conducted their assembly based on the theme Story Telling. They spoke about the power of this tool in the present times which helps people to understand better.

Classes across the school put up several activities to introduce various culture forms of Chattisgarh, the state assigned to Kerala for the art integrated project by CBSE this year. Clay models were sculpted based on their art forms.

A Psychology model display was held at school on 20.12.23 by grade XI Psychology students. Various models demonstrating concepts such as latent learning, acrophobia, illusions, memory, hierarchy of needs, etc were displayed. Educators were cordially invited to go through the same. The exhibition was the result of team work performed by grade XI Psychology students. Educators were given explanation on the models by learners at each point of exhibit. It was a very rewarding and enriching experience for the students as well as the audience.

Educators had many of their doubts solved with regard to common but not very deeply understood aspects of Psychology. Overall it was an enlightening experience.

The students of grade 4 were taken to Vaikom Fish farm and Aqua Tourism, as part of annual school trip. It was an educational cum fun filled get together. The farm had a large aquarium with different species of fishes, the guide had an interactive session with children.
Also, there were different kinds of shells and oysters. The farm also had very adventurous games and the winners were rewarded . The children had delicious lunch and snacks too.
The trip concluded with boat ride and water play .

The Christmas programme was held on Dec 21. The entire week leading to the 21st had students across the school decorating their classes with Christmas related craft made of paper and recycled materials. The programme was interspersed with Christmas messages, carols and Nativity skit.

Grade XII students were given their official farewell on Dec 22. The programme had several students relating their memories of their life in school, farewell messages by members of the management and the traditional oath was taken by the students. The programme ended with the students receiving the blessing of the teachers.

Post Covid this was the 1st time that the school hosted an Alumni day programme. Around 25 ex-students participated. It was a day well spent reliving memories and updating us with their professional growth.

School closed on Dec 22 for the Christmas vacation and will reopen on Jan 3.