Excelsior English School


The event was a resounding success, showcasing the remarkable efforts our students in the field of fashion Studies. Our students’ dedication and creativity were evident in the meticulous planning and execution of each exhibit. The exhibition featured an array of captivating displays, including student-designed crafts and art and trend-setting accessories.


A year long training in different activities culminated yesterday with an excellent show of skills on stage.
Skill development is an important facet in today’s education. Along with textbook knowledge one must be honed in some skill outside the textbook.
The students choose the extracurricular activity of their choice. The activity mentors train the students right through the year.
The various activities are dance, zumba, chess, roller skating, karate, yoga, abacus, basketball & digital painting. Each activity has its own specific skills that students need to inculcate. Dance helps to build confidence & eye, hand & leg coordination. Chess prepares one for decision making, problem solving, strategic planning & risk management.
Each activity finetunes specific skills & students learn and master these skills.


The Science department of Excelsior English School celebrated National Science Day on 26 to 28 February 2024. The theme this year was Indigenous technologies for viksit Bharat.
Science exhibition, SCISCAPE was organised for grades I to IV on Monday,26 February and for grades V to VIII on Tuesday, 27 February 2014. The exhibition was inaugurated by School Director Mr N J Mathew and was addressed by Principal Ms.Shirin Chandy.The exhibits were open for parents and students between 10 am and 12 noon.
Ball Mill for crushing heavy metals like aluminium , Oxy hydrogen generator to produce energy from water, Taser gun that helps police to capture the suspect and the kinetic wheel were some remarkable exhibits. The highlight of the event was ‘Dress up like a Scientist ‘ contest for grades 1 to VIII.It was great way to encourage curiosity and learning about different fields of science.


This week’s Friday assembly was conducted by Grade 6B themed Education. The class tried to reiterate that education must help us to transform from mirrors to windows. Education is about strength of mind, intellect expanded and character formed.
Children talked about famous personalities in the field of education and interesting facts on schools from all over the world. The girls danced to the song Aashayein from the movie Iqbal to encourage the desires in their heart to bloom as absolutely nothing is impossible. 


International Mother language Day ‘Loka Bhasha Samanvayam ‘was observed in Excelsior English School on 22 February 2024. Students from Prep I to Gr IV performed songs, stories , speeches & poems in several global languages. There was also a detailed narration of number names in nine languages. Language Quiz by the Principal Ms. Shirin Chandy was the highlight of the day. Students were also taught a Kannada song by Ms. Seema.

Visit to Poor Boys Home

On 17 February 2024 students  of Excelsior English School from classes 5 to 8 visited the Poor Boys Home near Kanjikuzhi,  Kottayam. This home provides shelter and support to orphaned children aged 10 – 17 years. The interaction between the students of Excelsior and the children at the Poor Boys Home optimized the spirit of solidarity and empathy. Through this exchange the students not only provided tangible support but also fostered a sense of inclusivity and compassion within the community.


Innovation Day is commemorated on February 16 to recognize the role that new knowledge plays in making a country more advanced and powerful. The main idea behind this day is to appreciate the efforts of those inventors who are bringing innovation and change in the field of science and technology. The Innovation Club of Excelsior English School celebrated the day by hosting an exhibition. Students explained their models to visitors demonstrating their humongous potential


The children of Prep I, Prep II & Grade I were taken to an enriching field trip to the Children’s Library and Park on 15th & 19th February 2024. The purpose of this outing was to introduce the young learners to the joys of reading, storytelling, outdoor play, fostering their cognitive, social and physical development. It was a day filled with learning and fun. 


Live webcast on modalities for the conduct of Board Exams 2024 conducted by CBSE on 17th February for Grades XI & XII teachers.


Life skills are abilities that help promote mental well-being and competence in young people as they face the realities of life. Life skills teach us how to make our lives easier and simpler, how to live a positive life, and how to spend our time wisely


Our student Niya Ann Abraham Grade X secured First 🥇 position in (under 16 girls category) the State Mountain Cycling Championship held at Kaliyar estate, Thodupuzha. She has been selected to the Kerala team for Nationals, which will be held at Haryana.


On Feb 9th 2024 Grade 7 B conducted an assembly urging everyone to embrace fountain pens and ditch plastic ones as part of an initiative for sustainability. Encouraging eco-friendly habits, they highlighted the environmental benefits of reducing plastic waste.


On 8th February 2024, Grade 3B hosted a special assembly to commemorate the National Day of Sri Lanka.


Excelsior English School Director Er. N. J. Mathew & Registrar Mr. Jinoy Kallukalam attended a “LEADERSHIP RETREAT” Programme held at Amrithapuri Campus, Vallikavu, organized by Central Sahodaya Kottayam & Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham


Renowned nephrologist of SH Medical Centre Kottayam Dr. Abraham Tharakan, delivered an enlightening speech on the importance of good health and well-being as part of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for students of grades 1 to 4. The event aimed to instill a sense of awareness and responsibility in young minds regarding their health and well-being. The speech included practical tips on cultivating healthy habits, such as regular exercise, balanced nutrition, proper hygiene, sufficient sleep and mental well being. Dr. Abraham engaged the students by using age-appropriate examples and anecdotes to make the information relatable and easy to understand. The event served as a valuable contribution to fostering a generation that prioritizes health as an integral aspect of a fulfilling and successful life.


Excelsior English School celebrated 75th Republic Day. Flag unfurled on the occasion by Er. N. J Mathew, Director, Excelsior English School.

National Girl Child Day

Excelsior English School celebrated National Girl Child Day( 24 January 2024) emphasizing the importance of empowering girls, ensuring equal opportunities for FC education, healthcare, and a safe environment. It serves as a call to action to break societal stereotypes and promote gender equality. By recognizing and supporting the potential of every girl, we contribute to building a more inclusive and just world. Let’s celebrate the resilience, intelligence, and potential of girls, fostering a future where they can thrive and fulfill their dreams.
Girl students expressed their dreams and desires and the hope to fulfil their dreams.


Road safety education is crucial for students to develop awareness, knowledge, and responsible behaviour on the roads. It helps in reducing accidents, injuries, and fatalities. Honda motor cycles and scooter India Pvt Ltd conducted Road Safety Education for the Students of grades III – VIII


Central Sahodaya Conclave in association with Furtados School of Music organised Role of Performing Arts in Holistic Education at Excelsior English School on 20 January 2024.

This workshop had four sessions led by CBSE Kottayam District Coordinator, Mr.Renjith Rajan, CBSE Master trainers Dr. George Kolencherry& Ms. Binu K Raj & CBSE Thrissur District Coordinator Ms. Sujatha Harimohan.

In the first session Mr.Renjith Rajan emphasized the importance of Art integrated learning in our curriculum and briefed about Kalasetu & SQAAF.

It was then followed by the Role of Drama in language learning by Dr. George Kolencherry. In this session various theatrical techniques and the benefits of drama and theatre in a classroom was highlighted .

Ms. Binu K Raj ,in her session gave a detailed explanation of empowering Cognitive skills through art education.

In the last session, the Role of Performing art in Holistic Education was well presented by the resource person, Ms.Sujatha Harimohan The workshop incorporated various fun activities for the participants .The event was efficiently organized and skillfully conducted.


The Annual Sports Day for the academic year 2023-’24 was held on 19th January 2024. The inaugural ceremony of the event was graced by Ms. Rakhi Zachareah (Arm Wresting Champion and Gold medalist). There was house-wise March past and a well coordinated mass drill exhibited by the students. Mr. N. J. Mathew( Director, Excelsior English School) and Ms. Rosey Mathew (Secretary & Correspondent) hoisted the school flag and the event started off with a powerful note by the Chief Guest. There were 40 final events
constituting of sprint, javelin throw, shotgun, long jump and relay for various categories. (Under 12, Under 14 , Under 16 & Under 19, separate for boys and girls. A huge amount of team – spirit was seen in all events. Beating the scorching sun the children exhibited high amount of energy and enthusiasm. Prize distribution & declaration of leading house was done. The event concluded with a closing ceremony on which the school flag was lowered by Ms. Rosey Mathew and handed over to Ms. Shirin Chandy, Principal Excelsior English School.


The MATHEMATICS Department conducted a Maths Exhibition on the Theme ‘ World of Maths- where a world of possibilities lie ahead’ on Jan 9 th from 1pm to 3pm.All the students of Grades I to Grade IX took part in the exhibition.
A variety of exhibits in the form of Working models, Still models, Charts, Board games, Mind Games,PPT’s Tessellations…were presented on a wide range of concepts from Number system- Ascending, Descending, Greater, Smaller…Number patterns, Operations, Symmetry, Geometric patterns, Theorems and Properties from Geometry, Algebraic Identities, Generation/ Transformation from Two dimension to Three Dimensions, Vedic Mathematics, Golden ratio- Maths in nature, Maths around us – real life application… to Higher concepts like the Pascal’s pyramid, Coin rotation paradox, Mobius strip, Collatz Conjecture. π….

The students confidently presented and explained the concepts with clarity.
They enthusiastically answered the questions by the teachers and students who visited the stalls.
This non formal environment brought out the best of their skills and there was a great deal of enthusiasm shown by the students as everybody appreciated the hands on approach and the learning aspect.

Quality participation of each class in the exhibition and the best five exhibits of each class were chosen and awarded.

FAREWELL – Grade XII students were given their official farewell on Dec 22. The programme had several students relating their memories of their life in school, farewell messages by members of the management and the traditional oath was taken by the students. The programme ended with the students receiving the blessing of the teachers.

An Alumni day programme – Post Covid this was the 1st time that the school hosted an Alumni day programme. Around 25 ex-students participated. It was a day well spent reliving memories and updating us with their professional growth.

The Christmas programme was held on Dec 21. The entire week leading to the 21st had students across the school decorating their classes with Christmas related craft made of paper and recycled materials. The programme was interspersed with Christmas messages, carols and Nativity skit.

EDUCATIONAL TRIP – 1. An educational tripto post office was organised for grade 1 on 14th December 2023 to enhance their learning experience on the ongoing EVS topic ‘ My neighbourhood – people who help us’. The visit to the Post office gave a better understanding of the role and responsibilities of postmaster and postman. The postmaster explained to the students how letters were collected and delivered to their destinations. The students also posted cards in post box which was totally a new experience for them. The field trip was an enjoyable and informative experience for the children as most of them were seeing the post office for the first time.

2. Field trip to Kottayam West post office ( Karapuzha ) by Grade IV on 14 December 2023

ASSEMBLY – “Storytelling is a powerful tool” was the theme of Grade 6B’s assembly.

SPECIAL CHRISTMAS PROGRAM – PREP I &PREP II – “Tinsels and Tides,” our special Christmas program designed exclusively for the little ones, Immersed our tiny tots in the joyous spirit of the season through a delightful blend of festive activities and heartwarming performances

NATIONAL ARITHMETIC COMPETITION – Our student Sathya Prasad, Grade 4 bagged the third runner up in National arithmetic competition held 26th November in Hyderabad.

Central Sahodaya Conclave Interschool Basketball Tournament hosted by Excelsior English School


The pathfinders chose healthy lifestyle as their monthly goal. On behalf of excelsior and Pathfinders, Ms. Ahalya a dietician, sports nutritionist and prof. pastry chef was invited to share her thoughtful insights in the topic. The topic was chosen because of the rising hearts problems in adolescents. The session was informative and interactive which nurtured the young minds of Excelsior.


It was CARNIVAL TIME at EXCELSIOR… We celebrated Children’s day with JAMBOREE… It was a fun filled day with games, demon show, entertainment and finger- licking sumptuous food.


Under 16 boys Basketball & Under 19 girls Basketball. The Excelsior basketball team participated in the annual Baselion Public School. The event encompassed various categories, including boys under 12, 16, and 19, as well as girls under 19. Excelsior bagged the trophies in the under-16 boys’ category and the under-19 girls’ category. Jake Chackochi and Lisa Liju Kurian were honored with the Best Player Awards for their outstanding performances in the respective categories.


Home science, Fashion studies and psychology students of grades 11& 12 Visited Exhibition- Sparkles of Joy held at Aithousa Covention Centre , SH mount Kottayam. It was an experiential as well as educational trip for psychology students. They learnt how to understand the psychology of customers and push sales. How prior knowledge of customers helps to boost sales, etc.. Home science and fashion Studies students learnt many creative ideas of making delicious snacks, preserves, jewellery making and interior decoration. Students had an opportunity to understand about various embellishments used on fabrics.

Grade XI Business Studies and Accountancy students visited Mark Tubes, a steel manufacturing unit located at Chozhiyakadu , Kottayam, as a part of their project work on 15/11/2023.
It offered a deep dive into modern technology used in manufacturing steel tubes and pipes. It was an experiential as well as educational field visit for Commerce students as the management gave an in-depth knowledge regarding the manufacturing process.They elaborated every minute step involved in the process. Conversations with the staff highlighted the importance of coordination, teamwork and skill development.

Excelsior bagged the championship trophy in the Central Sahodaya Kids fest 2023-24 held in Life Valley International school on 11 November 2023. Congratulations to both the winners and participants for putting up a great show. Everyone’s efforts contributed to the success of the event. Well done !

Malayala Manorama conducted a quiz competition for grades XI & XII on 7th Nov.

Grade XA conducted school assembly on 6th November. Theme World Anti Rabies Day.

Jyothis Season 6 Fest, held at Sacred Heart Public School on November 4th, was a vibrant celebration of talent and intellect. The fest, tailored for Prep 1 and Prep 2 students, featured a variety of engaging competitions. Among that Leonel Jose Roobesh – prep 2 secured the third position in Smart kid contest.

Students of grades VIII, IX & X will participate in the November Rain competition organised by the Kottayam Round Table & Ladies Circle at Mangalam Engineering College.

Jana Maitri Police & Kottayam Rotary Club conducted a programme on Women’s empowerment.
Girl students from VIII, IX, X & XI attended. They were given a practical training on self defence tactics. It was a very useful programme as women’s safety in a serious challenge in our country now.

As part of Observing Vigilance Awareness Week (VAW) – 2023, Social Science Department organized a poster making and slogan writing competition for students from grade V to X on the theme ”Say no to corruption; commit to the Nation ”

Inter school debate – N.M.Joseph Neerakal & N.J.Chacko Neroth Ever rolling Trophy
  • The 10th Inter School Debate for N.M.Joseph Neerakal and N.J.Chacko Neroth Trophy & the Essay Writing Competitions were held at Excelsior English School. 9 teams from 9 schools in Kottayam participated in the Senior category and 10 teams from 9 schools in the Junior category.
  • The Pallikkoodam school emerged the overall champions in the Junior category while Good Shepherd Public School, Thengana emerged the champions in the Senior category.
  • BMM Senior Secondary School bagged the trophy for the Malayalam Essay Writing competition which is sponsored by our former principal Dr. Monsi George
  • Despite the overcast skies, the campus of Excelsior radiated with the spirit of sportsmanship as we celebrated State Sports Day.
  • The Perfect Book publishers opened their stalls at school for a 2 day book exhibition. The teachers and students enjoyed browsing through the books. The book exhibition is an annual event at school to promote reading among students.
  • We began the day’s festivities with an exciting basketball overhead pass competition, in honor of the late G. V. Raja, a pioneer in promoting sports in Kerala. Students showcased their skills and determination, a fitting tribute to his legacy of fostering love for sports in the youth.Meanwhile, on the football field, the youngest talents of our school battled it out in a friendly yet fiercely contested football match. As the day unfolded, our senior students took center stage with an inter-house basketball match. The entire school ground was transformed into an arena of fierce competition, echoing with cheers for the participating teams.
  • The sports day celebrations served as a reminder of the importance of sports in our lives. They not only foster physical fitness but also teach invaluable life lessons like teamwork, discipline, and perseverance. As we concluded the day’s festivities, every participant was left with a sense of accomplishment and unity, reinforcing the notion that sports brings people together in the most wonderful way. 
Excelsior secured the overall Championship trophy in the events conducted by the commerce dept and the Runners up trophy in events under the science dept in the fest hosted by BMM school Pampady.
The Science department of Excelsior English School celebrated World Heart Day on 29 th September with a Science Quiz named TRIVIA -’23 and a captivating speech from a special guest speaker Dr. Praveen Jayan, Cardiologist, Bharath Hospital, Kottayam.
Throughout the quiz, students showed their outstanding knowledge about the heart and its functions, which was truly impressive. The guest speaker shared valuable information about heart diseases, prevention strategies, and the impact of healthy eating habits on heart health.
The two events were a tremendous success and a reminder to everyone on how we can prioritize our heart health and maintain it for a lifetime. We encourage everyone to take care of their hearts by eating healthy, staying active, and getting regular check-ups. Let’s continue striving for hearts that are healthy, strong, and happy!
The students of Psychology were taken on an educational trip to the Psychopark situated at Vellanad in Thiruvananthpauram, the 1st of its kind in the entire world.
The park is situated spanning across 2 acres of land surrounded by lush greenery. The premises have sculptures of famous psychologists like Sigmund Freud & B.F. Skinner, the hierarchy of needs, put forth by Abraham Maslow. They were introduced to the park by the owner as well as a psychologist himself, named Mr. Madujan. An informative session took place where they learnt the different functions of dopamine and an account on the Big Bang Theory. Yester Yards, a building in which many figurettes were accommodated was also part of their itinerary. There they learnt ancient techniques of treating mental illnesses, which people then believed were due to possession by evil spirits, such as trepanation, and exorcisms. They saw a totem, and were taught about the shamanic effect. He also performed mind reading technique on them. The park is blessed with a vast library with various Psychology books collected from all over the world. There is also a reading area in the quiet of the woods. The visit to the park was a really enriching experience for the students.