Being with Excelsior this pandemic was quite a hefty task for all of us due to the fact that we can no longer mess up on the  boards, sing out a “good morning” (screeching rather🤭),give the teacher a  smile when you realize that you have done some mishap nor can we race through our corridors even if we are restricted to do so.

Excursions, assemblies, sporting events,MUNs,Smile,festive programmes and many more were something that we failed to hit this year in its entirety but still the faculty tried their epitome of excellence to bring out the best in us throughout the year.

I was on the edge of my seat, whenever a chance was got to go to the school. That urge of zeal within the teachers whenever they saw one of their students was something greater than a bagful of gems got on a hunt. The glow in their eyes as each student unmasked themselves is something unexplainable. 

To all the people out there who put up a brave front to connect us all…here we are with a wild hug as a sign of THANK YOU.

With the sense of making the write up not too long (even if words are lashing within me!) wrapping it up.

Love and hugs
Mariam Johnson Grade9

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